Potent Wisdom for Transforming any Situation ~

Practical and Intuitive Support for Living a Beautiful Life.

Have you tried everything, yet still some complex personal or professional challenges seem unfixable? 

Do you want to live from your deepest nature, but wonder if this is truly possible?

Are you ready to infuse and expand your life with creativity, growth, healing, and even miracles?

Process Work Therapist

I am a therapist, coach, shaman, and mystic. I use my signature approach, called 3 Levels Edge to bridge worlds and harness the collective power of your intellect, emotions, and intuition. I’ll help you flow between timeless knowing and everyday linear thinking in order to bring harmony and creativity into play in every area of your life.

The term shaman comes from a Siberian word for a medicine person who works in collaboration with ancient and powerful earth energies and nature spirits, someone who walks between worlds and sees in the dark – and a mystic is someone who merges directly with the cosmos to utilize pure life force as a wise healing power.

I work in partnership with the earth and sky, your unseen helpers, and the energy of healing light. Light is the only unchanging form of energy in the universe – it is life force, light is where the power to create comes from – and it is always at the ready to support your unfolding and give form to your greatest dreams. It would be an honor to help you call in the unlimited resources that are waiting to transform, heal, and spice up your life!

Meet 3 Levels Edge creator, Anusuya Starbear.

Process Work Therapist

As a facilitator of presence, I will show you — through direct experience — how to navigate any situation with wisdom and grace.

My specialty is helping you dynamically and effectively live your unique vision in the world. Honoring your personal diversity is the cornerstone of living a rewarding and impactful life.

I invite you to experience how your consciousness is vast – far greater than your intellect or your physical body. You will find that your creativity is much bigger than your problems – as most difficulties result directly from identifying with being too small for the task at hand.



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3Levels Edge Training

Gain mastery on 3 distinct levels of awareness. Choose personal growth sessions, classes, support groups, customized trainings, year long transformational programs, professional supervision, mentoring.

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3Levels Edge Clients

My clients include managers, business owners, investors, engineers, inventors, designers, writers, visual and performance artists, athletes, therapists, coaches, teachers, couples, teams, spiritual seekers, and awareness junkies of all kinds.

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3Levels Edge Session

Each session expands your awareness and removes self-limiting beliefs – freeing you to live your life as a unique and ever evolving elegant design.

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